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I know you don't believe your eyes but USB Loader GX v2 is out! A new channel is also out to accompany the new release. You can select to download the All in One Package, only the dol, the channel, whatever you want to do. The Forwarders page and the Downloads page have been updated with the new files. Also cIOSX rev21 have been out for a while, but there was no official support back then. Expect a new post later today, or tomorrow with the new features for cIOSX and USB Loader GX. For now I'll give you only one thing. USB Loader GX 2.0 supports ext3 partitions!!!! Read on for changelog...


* Support for all cIOS (up to Hermes 5.1 and Waninkoko r21)
* Support for all IOS slot from 200 to 255.
* Support for WBFS/FAT32/NTFS/Ext2/3/4 with Hermes v5+ and Waninkoko r18+
* Support for multiple WBFS partitions (Hermes v5+ and Waninkoko r18+)
* Support up to 8 partitions to store the boot.dol and datas (config, images, themes, etc.)
* Support drives >1Tb
* Support for Primary/Logical partitions and GUID Partitions Table (GPT).
* Added configuration file version checking. It will reset the old one automatically if important changes occured.
* Added URL to hosting websites ( for theme and for update files).
* Added screenshot feature while in the loader (Press Z+c).
* Support more sound formats: AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV now with no file size limit (streaming).
* Support for the new Homebrew Channel (1.0.7+) when exiting the loader.
* Support for the tag in the meta.xml for AHBPROT enabled with HBC 1.0.7+
* New homebrew launching engine
* New Theme format (Now uses the same format than the language files).
* Per game lock feature for better parental control.
* Choose the sub-directory naming convention when installing a game (Ignored on WBFS partition).
* Select the split size when installing a game: 2GB or 4GB or none.
* BCA files support.
* WIP patch files support.
* Automatic patch for "Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands" (no Wip file needed). (Disable "Return to" option in Prince of Persia preferences)
* Added Wii message board update (Playlog) when exiting a game to the Wii menu.
* Brawl+ support.
* Return to a channel when exiting a game.
* Removed 1:1 install mode, use install all partition instead or use a real dumper if you want a clean dump.
* Changed the default folders layout, now the themes and images folders are sub-folders of the loader (apps/usbloader_gx/themes, etc.)
* Changed the way the Parental control is working and don't read the one from the wii setting anymore. The password is crypted in the config file.
* Now uses the full Wiitdb.xml instead of the user generated file.


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