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Here I am explaining a new and simple way to hack any website with DNN(DotNetNuke). DotNetNuke is an open source platform for building web sites based on Microsoft .NET technology. It is easiest techniques to hack any website coompare than other technique Such as Cross Site Scripting and SQL injection. In this technique we reached the root path for any website and here we can easily upload our own file and can also replace the logo, text, images etc.
Follow these steps to hack any website..
1.  In our first step we check whether the Website is vulnerable or not by using google dorks.  Search following code in google.


If you can check your desired domain than use below code. Here we can change .com to any desired domain like as .net, .org etc


2.  Now choose any website and copy the url of website without /portals/0 , and paste the below code after it.


For ex. the website is
remove the portals/0 and add the above code. It will become as

3.  If you will get this screen means this website is vulnerable.
4.  Now choose the third option where we can upload  file.
5. Now in address bar replace the below code. This code allow us to upload any file from local computer.


After this below screen is appear.
Now click on browse button and upload any text, .swf, . jpg, .gif, .pdf  Files.
6. After uploading Files your file is save in root folder and your address will be such as
Here hackillusion.txt is the file which we upload on the website. through this trick we can easily change the banner and logo of any website.
If you face any problem than comment below I love to solve your problems. But remember Hacking is Crime so Do not change the text or logo of any website.

6. After uploading Files your file is save in root folder and your address will be such as

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