pineappleBeing 3 months since the last major firmware release we are excited to present to you today a major milestone in the project. This firmware could have easily been 3 separate releases, so prepare for some awesome changes.

On the usability side you'll notice that the WIFi Pineapple's Web Interface is now responsive and beautiful on mobile devices. Not just a cosmetic change, you'll notice a new help system is built-in providing answers to common questions for features such as PineAP, Networking and Configuration.

A lot of work has been done in terms of security, with some major bug fixes like preventing CSRF, providing device verification by LED pattern on initialization, locking down serial and providing a WPA2 protected WiFi management interface.

After much request we've also implemented a simple method for changing the Wired interfaces behavior. You may now switch from classic mode (what you've been used to since 1.0) to wired Client Mode, supporting both DHCP and Static IP addresses. You can even change the WiFi Pineapple's IP address and hostname.

Of course a big thanks to our beta testers, infusion developers and you for your continued support. We're very excited about this release. There's a bunch of other changes and bugfixes in the changelog. Do please note, given the scope of changes we may notice a thing or two out of place in some user infusions. We expect that with an update using the most current API version, these infusions will be working as expected in short order.

Changelog 2.1.0:

  • Fixed apple's Safari and iOS browsers not working correctly with the webinterface

Changelog 2.1.0:

  • A Mobile friendly web interface
  • Infusions are now responsive to device screen size
  • Large tile tabs scroll horizontally on mobile
  • Infusions minimize to shelf on mobile
  • Recon mode doesn't overflow on mobile
  • Security Fixes
  • The serial console now requires you to log in
  • Bash has been patched - though we were not directly affected by shellshock
  • Prevent any CSRF attacks on GET or POST requests
  • A WPA2 management interface has been added by default
  • First boot requires LED sequence verification
  • OpenSSL-utils shipped by default
  • Built-in Help System
  • Clicking superscript circled question mark displays help text
  • Help bubbles enabled by default and can be disabled from the “configuration” infusion.
  • API updated for Infusion developers to use Help System
  • PineAP
  • Can now be controlled from the CLI
  • Will not fail anymore if the MAC of wlan1 has been changed
  • Does not cause the web interface to lag when started anymore
  • Wired Settings
  • Added the ability to easily set up wired client mode
  • Added the ability to change the WiFi Pineapple's LAN settings
  • A global infusion log system has been added
  • Infusion logs can be viewed in the “log” infusion
  • See the new API functions for more information
  • Added more API functions for infusion developers
  • See!, which will be updated within the week.
  • Other miscellaneous changes and fixes
  • Fixed an issue where CSS and JS files were cached and caused issue on upgraded
  • Aircrack-ng has been updated to version 1.2-RC1
  • Fixed an issue with nginx filling /tmp/ with logs
  • Added the ability to change the hostname
  • WiFi Pineapple Bar has been updated

Download: Over the air through the web-interface. (alternatively at
Note: To flash this over the web-interface, please make sure your info tile is at it's latest version.