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mitmKARMA on the Fon and Sniffing Wireless Network Traffic with Ubuntu – Step by Step

KARMA is an application that transforms the right wireless NIC into the ultimate Access Point. Unlike a regular AP, which advertises its SSID to whoever wants to connect to it, the KARMA enabled AP passively listens to any client wireless requests and then responds to it with the SSID that it probed for and thus impersonating virtually any Access Point. In short, it presents itself to each client as whatever the client wants it to be and allows it to establish a connection. So it can be “Linksys” to one computer, “MyHome” to another and completely different to someone else.

In order to run KARMA, you need a wireless card with the appropriate chipset, which supports the MadWifi drivers. As a general rule the Atheros based chipset are compatible with MadWifi, but you can check the complete list with the supported hardware just in case before you buy anything.

MadWifi drivers and KARMA are included in the BT3 Linux distribution and that makes it real easy to turn your laptop into the perfect Access Point. Just boot into BT3 from a CD or a USB thumb drive.

KARMA also simulates different services like FTP and DNS so that you can temporarily trick the wireless clients that they are getting somewhere, just like a “honey pot”. Although this is a lot of fun, a lot more exciting is when you reroute them out to the internet so that they can browse just like they expected and at the same time you can examine their network traffic without them even suspecting anything.


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