x360key_logoThe 1.04 firmware beta is now being tested, and is available. It adds one major feature and a number of fixes:

- isoMenu system
- Fixed Hitachi 78/79 & XGD3
- Fixed Samsung & XGD3 (thanks to morph0 and others)
- Increased AP25 failure grace period
- Implemented MenuIso menu system
- Changed behavior when an ISO is selected and tray is closed. ISO is now queued until tray opens
- Added Mount point count to main menu
- Added xkey.cfg file

On popular demand we have added the IsoMenu feature. It implements a Mixed Media style menu system. Xk3y generates a virtual ISO in memory that represents the USB Mass Storage devices attached to your Xk3y. You can then navigate the menu and launch games with the Xbox joypad.

Download here.

source: x360key.com