OpenSpace3D is a free and Open Source development platform for interactive real time 3D projects. Its mains advantages are :

  • User friendly, you can create a whole interactive 3D scene, with great graphical quality, without writing any code.
  • Power, lots of functionality are directly included, realizing an OpenSpace3D application consist in linking functionalities together, and defining theirs mutual interactions.
  • Technological advance, our team keep searching for and integrates the last technologies in domains of virtual reality, speech recognition, and computer graphics.


As a demo, we had developed K’AndyNect, a small tunnel game, where the goal is to catch with your hand some gems coming front to you. The player got one minute at the beginning of the game, and everytime you catch a gems, you grab some points and a few more seconds to play. There’s also red colored gems which must be avoided by the player because they drops 5 seconds of the timer (this adds fun, some players were making great and fast movement to avoid them!).

Despite the simple concept behind this game, peoples which try it on Laval Virtual exhibition told us that it was quite addictive, and very fun to play icon smile KAndyNect Kinect game

Note that this game was created without writing any line of code: OpenSpace3D is an 3D editor which goal is to add some interactivity to a 3d scene without code. It works with logical blocks, which triggers events and receives actions.

We also package all kinect redist (OpenNi/driver/Nite), so it’s easier for end-user to use a Kinect on pc (it’s much more like clicking “next/next/next” on a unified setup instead of manually install those 3 setups, and configuring them by hand).
If you want to give it a try, kinect pack installer is located here (obviously, you’ll have to install OpenSpace3D first…):

K’AndyNect game ‘source code’ (as I said, there’s no code, only graphical logical blocks) is provided within the installer we provide.

Thanks Jeff from