Sticking to the rules of the cat-and-mouse game between the iPhone Dev Team and Apple, the former has been able to confirm that iPhone OS 3.1.3 IPSWs are jailbreakable by the group’s redsn0w jailbreak tool. Supported devices currently include the iPhone 2G (first-gen iPhones), iPhone 3G, and iPod touch 2G (second-gen iPod touch).

“WARNING! At 10.30AM PST on February 2nd 2010 Apple released the 3.1.3 version (7E18) of the iPhoneOS,” the latest update from the infamous team of hackers reads. “If you care about your jailbreak and unlock, don’t update your device – 3G and 3G(S) owners should pay particular attention to this warning,” the Dev Team warns.

“Thanks to daring experimenters in the comments, we can confirm that yesterday’s redsn0w works for today’s 3.1.3 update for iPhone 2G,” the post continues. Another update to the same post would later confirm that the ultrasn0w method also works for iPhone 3G and first-generation iPod touch units.

Source: Softpedia News